Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons

Alice and her friends answer questions that you don’t want to ask your preceptor, peer, or colleagues regarding your career in science.

Dear Alice,

[D]ifferent philosophies of training can be effective for different trainees. —Alice

I recently became a faculty member at a great institution. A faculty member in another department runs a very large laboratory. Several of his trainees have asked me for supplies, which I was happy to provide. But I have found that this other laboratory offers very routine training: The trainees are being used as hands and are not learning to be effective investigators. Should I do something about this?

—D.H. Newbie, Vancouver, Canada

Dear D.H.,

Still, if they approach you in the future about changing laboratory affiliations, don’t hesitate to let the brightest ones know that you have great projects and money to support trainees, assuming that’s true.


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