A Videocast on Industry Interviews—from NIH

At 2pm today, the Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will present a videocast of an event on interviewing for industry (and other non-academic) jobs.

“Join us to see how to navigate an interview in industry,” reads NIH’s description of the event. “We will explore common questions, typical schedules, and how to prepare yourself to make a positive impression. While focused on industry careers, anyone considering a non-academic career will find this session helpful.” You can download slides for the event, in pdf form, here. Lori Conlan (pictured above), director of NIH’s Office of Postdoctoral Services, will be the main presenter.

For those on the NIH campus, the event will be held in Masur Auditorium in Building 10. Off campus, the videocast should be accessible at videocast.nih.gov. If you’re not already registered with NIH’s system, you’ll need to do so (here). People outside of NIH should register as “guest.”

If you miss it, the videocast should soon be available online.

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