Updated: Sexist peerreview comments draw outrage

At ScienceInsider today, Science Careers staff writer Rachel Bernstein describes a drama unfolding on Twitter about sexist comments that appeared in a review of an article submitted to a PLOS-family journal.

Earlier today, University of Sussex postdoc Fiona Ingleby tweeted excerpts from an anonymous review she received when her manuscript about the Ph.D.-to-postdoc transition was rejected. The reviewer wrote, “[i]t would probably … be beneficial to find one or two male biologists to work with (or at least obtain internal peer review from, but better yet as active co-authors)” to prevent the manuscript from “drifting too far away from empirical evidence into ideologically biased assumptions.” “Perhaps it is not so surprising that on average male doctoral students co-author one more paper than female doctoral students, just as, on average, male doctoral students can probably run a mile a bit faster than female doctoral students,” the reviewer added.

Read more at ScienceInsider.

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