The Right Stuff For a Successful Resume

Most of us view writing a resumeas just slightly better than doing our taxes. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. While your tax filing indicates what the Government is going to take you, your resume describes what you’ve broughtyour career. Listing the skills you’ve acquired, responsibilities you’ve accepted and accomplishments you’ve achieved, your resume is really an acceptable way to brag about yourself to employers. Yet despite this, most of us never practice doing it.

That lack of practice gets us into trouble. Most job seekers don’t write a resume until they’re already under pressure to find a new job – fast. Building a complete and compelling history of your careeris always a challenge, but having to do it under a deadline gives resume writing a bad name. Because of this need to update your resume quickly, important details often get left out, inaccurate information is included by mistake and the wrong points are emphasized. In a struggling economy, competition among job seekers is fierce, and you never know when your employer will be forced to lay people off. So it’s essential that you always have an up-to-date resume, and that it brags accurately, but persuasively about your value as an employee.

Even the best-written resume submitted at just the right time, however, can’t guarantee you’ll find a new jobin today’s job market. Consider these findings from a recent survey:

  1. 41% say they ignore generic resumes submitted for jobs with specific requirements

Putting it another way, to get a job offertoday, you’ll have to be better than at least 50 (and often 100) other applicants competing against you. How can you do that? Here are some ways to ensure you write a resume with the “right stuff” to succeed:

  1. Make sure your resume is database friendly

No resume is perfect, because no document can fully capture the personal qualities of a person. Words can’t describe the “right stuff” you offer an employer. But until someone comes along with a better alternative, we’re stuck with the current system. So to survive in today’s job market, your resume has to work as hard as you do. And to do that, your resume needs to have the “right stuff” to succeed.

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