Seven Possible Reasons You Have Not Been Hired Yet

If you spent a good portion of this year job searching, but are still underemployed or unemployed, there may be ways you can improve your odds of landing a great job. Here are seven tips that may boost your chances of landing your dream job:

Apply only for jobs for which you are qualified. This may seem obvious, but many job searchers randomly send out resumes for openings that seem desirable, but for which they are not prepared. Don’t waste your time or the potential employer’s time by doing this. Focus your search on job openings that you can easily and confidently fill. This involves some serious soul searching to determine for what type of work you are best suited. If there are jobs that appeal to you for which you are not yet qualified, take the steps to get there ,” education, training, licensing or whatever it takes to properly market yourself for the desired position…

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