Putting the Right Spin on NSF Rotators

Another concern has been that rotators are not evaluated annually like regular staff. This year, NSF started executing a 2005 plan to implement a formal evaluation process. 

In Part 2, Mervis points out that rotators work under an agreement that allows all involved parties to terminate the rotator’s “employment” at any time. Anja Strømme knows this system all too well: She was working at SRI International when she was asked to help NSF clear a backlog of grant applications. She accepted the offer and worked at NSF as a rotator until she lost her job this spring. Strømme was accused of violating conflict-of-interest rules, and she had no way to protect herself against termination.

Read “Can NSF Put the Right Spin on Rotators? Part 2” to find out what happened next.

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