Paper at the Center of Johns Hopkins Drama Retracted

The research paper at the center of a dispute that led to the apparent suicide of a former Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine postdoc has been retracted. As we noted in March, geneticist Yu-yi Lin, an assistant professor at National Taiwan University who had completed a postdoc at Hopkins, died in his lab, seemingly by his own hand. Lin was first author of a paper in Nature based on research done at Hopkins. Another postdoc in the same Hopkins lab, Daniel Yuan, had raised questions about the study’s statistics and brought his concerns to the journal.

Now the paper’s eleven surviving coauthors have retracted it because of “inability to reproduce these results,” they write in . “Despite several attempts, we were unable to obtain results definitively supporting the major claims” of their publication. This failure “does not mean our conclusions are incorrect, [but] we cannot say with confidence that they are correct,” they continue. For this reason, they “feel obliged to retract” the paper.

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Elsewhere in Science, 8 November 2013