On the Road Again

“Is your English good enough?” Gian Luigi Rossi, my former supervisor, asked as we left the biochemistry building at the University of Parma in Italy on a hot afternoon in June 2006. My English was OK—but before I could ask, “Good enough for what?” he jumped in his car and drove away. When I saw him again the next day, the reason for the question became clear: I had an opportunity to spend the summer abroad, working at the University of Zurich (UZH) in Switzerland and learning state-of-the-art purification techniques for membrane proteins in the group led by Andreas Plückthun. Later, I returned to UZH to pursue a Ph.D. in the lab of Oliver Zerbe, applying nuclear magnetic resonance to the study of membrane proteins. I’m now finishing my Ph.D. (Keep reading at.)

Top Image: CREDIT: Marc Rosenthal

Data and Politics

Elsewhere in Science, 6 June 2014