Networking Calls That Get Job Interviews

Q: While I watched friends and colleagues lose their jobs last year, I managed to avoid being in that position. Unfortunately, this recession finally got me in the New Year. Everyone says that networking should be a crucial part of my job search, but I don’t have a clue about how to do this. Suppose a friend has given me a referral. What do I say when I approach this person?

A: To become a nominee for Networker of the Year, recognize that people will meet you for a variety of reasons. They may:

  1. Be feeling congenial when you serendipitously call at just the right moment

Whatever their motive, you must be prepared to allude to one or more of the above reasons for calling. For instance, if your good friend, Jim Collins, suggested you contact his friend Susan in Dallas, you would say:

By beginning your call with these few carefully selected words, you have:

  1. And asked about her granddaughter, who undoubtedly is the light of her life

How can this woman refuse to talk to you when you’ve given her so many good reasons to believe your impending phone conversation or visit will be both enjoyable and rewarding?

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