Job Application Etiquette

Applying for a faculty job is nerve-wracking enough without worrying that you might kill your chances through some minor misstep that offends a potential employer. Is it OK, for example, to send an email to inquire about the status of your application? Would it help to have one of your college’s big donors put in a good word for you? Should you update your application if you discover you made a mistake in it?

These and other etiquette quandaries get knowledgeable answers in a useful Q&A at Vitae (an online service of The Chronicle of Higher Education) by Gene Fant, executive vice president for academic administration at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee.

Fant’s basic answers to the questions above, by the way, are “yes,” “absolutely not,” and “it depends.” In the article, he supplies details that clarify these and other situations.

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