Improving student advising

In the midst of his graduate chemistry studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Carl Brozek stumbled into a new challenge: a yearlong campaign to improve advising for graduate students. His effort began 2 years ago, after the head of the chemistry department called a town hall meeting to discuss the results of a departmental survey that identified areas of dissatisfaction. Brozek felt the department was proposing good plans to address most of the problems raised. But when it came to students’ concerns that their advisers weren’t giving them the mentorship they needed, he was struck by the lack of ideas. “I realized it was a very, very, difficult challenge,” recalls Brozek, who is now a postdoc at the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington, Seattle. (Read more at .)

Uncle Sam may want you

Elsewhere in Science, 6 November 2015