How to Write a Great Cover Letter

Q: Give me a choice between writing a cover letter and swimming with sharks, and I’ll head for the beach! Can you offer an easy-to-follow approach for writing cover letters that captures an employer’s attention and increases my chances of landing a job interview?

A: You aren’t alone in your distaste for writing cover letters. Most job seekers are intimidated by the task. It’s very common to doubt your ability to compose a letter that will really blow away a jaded, “been there, done that” HR rep.

Fortunately, by using the neat little formula I’m about to divulge, you can create cover letters that should produce a much better than average response. While there are just a few ingredients, together they create a powerful synergy. The most important thing to remember is this: you must always, always tailor your letter to the job you’re pursuing. A one-size-fits-all approach may save you time, but it will alienate companies. If you want to get HR’s attention, compose your cover letter with their interests in mind.

  1. Now that you have HR’s attention, tell them about yourself.

Once you’ve composed the letter, use your final paragraph to tell HR that you plan to call or email them in a few days to confirm receipt of your resume and schedule an interview. Then be true to your word. Employers like candidates with initiative and perseverance. Unless the listing says “NO calls,” don’t hesitate to make the first contact. You’ll be one of a very few enterprising candidates who do.

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