Eat Your Way to a Winning Job Interview

Problem: Last week’s columntold the story of the reluctant Tom Miller, who sat looking at the email he’d received from a Fortune 1000 company about an opening to become their CIO. After a successful preliminary interview, the company’s executive team decided to extend an invitation to him, his wife and daughter to spend a long weekend visiting them in Dallas.

Tom had mixed feelings about the trip.He was enthusiastic about the company and getting a new job, but not about the prospect of so much conversation over food, especially with his wife and teenage daughter in attendance.

Solution: If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are some tips that should help you (and your family) turn a mealtime job interviewinto a resounding success:

  1. Thank You For Smoking?

Laid Off? Check Your Lookand Your Attitude

How to Make Employers Want You