Changes at Science Careers

For many years, Science Careers has tied its publication schedule to the once-a-week schedule of the print version of our parent magazine, . Starting this week, we’re changing that. We’ll be publishing content several times a week, giving you a reason to visit the site more often and allowing us to do a better job of keeping you appraised of the latest career-related developments in science.

Although we’re not becoming a blog, exactly, we are aiming to become more bloglike. Even though most weeks we’ll continue to put up new feature content on Thursdays around 2 p.m., we’ll be adding more coverage of scientific conferences, legislative issues, and workforce reports, and bringing you punchy minifeatures on fascinating scientists and developing trends.

Of course, we will continue to publish columns by Dave Jensen (Tooling Up) on working in industry, Beryl Lieff Benderly (Taken for Granted) on postdocs and other underappreciated scientific workers, and Adam Ruben (Experimental Error) on the lighter side of working in science. We’ll continue to publish profiles of interesting scientists doing lots of different things, focusing on the steps they took to get where they are today. We’ll continue to offer the best how-to articles on the basic nonscience skills that scientists need to succeed. We’ll keep publishing Perspectives by experts, and In Person essays recounting the personal experiences and lessons learned by practicing scientists and trainees. And we’ll keep supplementingspecial issues with career-related content.

I’m always interested in your feedback. If you have comments on our offerings or our Web site, thoughts about areas we ought to be covering (or covering more)—or if you just want to start a conversation on a career-related subject, send me an e-mail.

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