Building Blocks of Science Diversity

The number of women on university science faculties has been growing too slowly to satisfy many people. But one category of researchers—miniature ones made of plastic—will soon get an infusion of female members. LEGO, the manufacturer of the plastic-block construction sets beloved by children everywhere, has announced that a new kit consisting of three female scientists and their research gear will hit the market by the fall. 

The new group is multidisciplinary, with figures representing an astronomer, a chemist, and a paleontologist. As LEGO deconstructs the stereotype that women can’t do science, kids will be building a dinosaur, a telescope, and a chemistry lab. The three new figures join LEGO’s first-ever female scientist, a member of an unspecified discipline that involves flasks of colored liquid, who made her debut last year.

The idea for this kit beat out a number of other proposals. Maia Weinstock offers background at .

Elsewhere in Science, 6 June 2014

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