A New Virtual Community For and About Minority Scientists

After many long days and evenings, it’s finally here! The Minority Scientists Network–an exciting new online resource–is ready and waiting for you!

The network–a collaborative effort between Science’s Next Wave and the Education and Human Resources directorate at AAAS that has been funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation–will provide support for minority students pursuing studies in science, math, and engineering.

Just like Next Wave, MiSciNet will rely on students, mentors, faculty members, and administrators to share their own stories and their own perspectives, providing–over time–an increasingly valuable resource for all underrepresented minority students and those committed to supporting their aspirations.

Among the topics that MiSciNet will address in detail are transitions, the learning environment, what it takes to mentor minority students, and recruitment and retention programs that make a difference. Additional features include the MentorDoctor, an online Q&A column modeled after Next Wave’s GrantDoctor, and my personal favorite, Heroes and Sheroes, in which minority scientists from different disciplines and at different levels are profiled.

For the launch, we have gathered entertaining and thought-provoking essays about starting a family while pursuing your graduate degree, nonminority faculty mentoring minority science students, and making the successful transition from community college to a 4-year institution. And although there are still a few holes, we’re working hard on filling them. We invite you to help us by sending your ideas and feedback to [email protected]

But enough of what we think. Click on over to MiSciNet and find out for yourself what a tremendous resource it is.


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